How does hiring a voice actor work?

Find the right Voice

Pick a voice that will best suit your message.

Get a quote or hire directly.

Ask for a price and upload your script. If you would like a sample recording just ask.

Review your recording

If revisions are needed describe what needs to be done differently.


Use your recording for as long as the terms allow. e.g. 13 week, 1 year, in perpetuity.

Picking a Voice

Choosing a voice is a lot like picking a font. Some sound good a few sound right, and an expert will tell you which one is right for a specific brand identity.

Pick a Voice

Choosing a voice is a lot like picking a font. Some sound good a few sound right, and an expert will tell you which one is write for a specific brand identity.

Quote and Sample

Clients seriously interested in hiring can ask for a quote as well as a sample.

Review Recording

Listen critically, and determine what, if anything, can be done more to craft the narration to your vision.

Use it

Use your recording as permitted for as long as the terms allow.

Finding the right voice.

What must be accomplished?

Finding the right voice can be an overwhelming challenge. Finding an actor that can articulate your message effectively to an audience, even harder. 

What is the "right" voice?

Determining the right voice can arguably be as important as the words themselves. 

A documentary might use a warm, matter-of-fact sounding voice.

An employee training video may be matter-of-fact, but it may also require a more empathetic or engaging quality.

What type of recording is needed? 

  • Internal Business video

  • Documentary

  •  Educational content

  •  Movie Trailer

  •  Podcast intro/outro

  •  IVR or Telephone system

  •  TV Commercial

  •  Radio Commercial

  •  Video Game character

  • Animation

  • or anything else

Onboard new employees and give a clear understanding of employee benefits and office dress code.

Add a professional touch to podcast with a professional intro and outro performed by a voice actor.

Show customers that your brand is there to support them.

Entice customers to buy your product by showing them how to solve a problem using your product.

Determine your needs and get a quote.

Voice actors and their agents set pricing independent of others. Therefore pricing can vary widely between voice actors, however there are some brackets that nearly all voice actors will fall within for a given service. More on that later. 

What factors go into pricing a voice over?

How much does a voice over cost?

Most voice actors price on these factors.

  • How will it be used? - (National TV commercial or Podcast intro/outro

  • How long will you use it? ( 13 weeks, 1 year, 2 years, in perpetuity)

  • How long is the recording?

    • How long will the recording be in words, min, or messages?​ (Different units are used for different categories.)

    • Additional requirements such as matching the recording to the timing of a given video or lip synced with an on camera talent will greatly increase this fee.

      • Timing the VO to a given video (AKA Corporate sync​ or time-sync) will usually incur a small additional fee per word, minute, or line. This fee can vary from 10% to 50% extra

      • Lip syncing is a more challenging and time consuming task and is always billed at a higher rate. Typically Lip syncing will increase the per word/min fee by anywhere from 30%-250%, as this takes significantly longer to record.

Hire a voice actor.

Once you and the voice actor have come to an agreement the voice actor will begin work on your project.

Some voice actors require partial or full payment prior to beginning work. Others only do this for new clients while some require no initial payment, but rather watermark their audio and deliver the unwatermarked version only after receiving payment in full. 

Await delivery.

What you do with this time is up to you. Most project deliveries can be done in 24 hours or less. So if you asked for a single round of revisions your final recording would be ready in less than 48 hours.

Review recording

Review recording for whatever factors are relevant to you and your project.

For example one might say:

"David the tone and read speed are good, but can you tighten the gaps between these sentences." - YES.

"The commercial is perfect but could you redo the tag line with emphasis on this word instead?" - YES.

"It's perfect. But can we get a second tagline?" - YES, at an additional fee.

"It sounds great but we have a script change. Is that okay" - YES, likely with an additional fee.

Approve recording.

I think you can figure this step out on your own.

Complete payment.

If payment was not made in advance it will typically be due at completion, or a set number of days after. Typically a voice actor will send out an invoice immediately after project approval.