This service includes your selected number of messages split as separate files for convenience. 


Update Plan: Update plans allow you (or your business) to request re-recordings at no additional charge.

The Basic Update Plan includes: 2 Updates over an 18 month period starting after the initial recording has been approved by you or your company.

The Premium Update Plan includes: 5 Updates over a 3 year period starting after the initial recording has been approved by you or your company.


An update can be:

  • A substitution of one or more messages with a new message(s).

    • A new voicemail greeting for a change of last name.

    • An update to business hours or change of business address.

  • Additional line(s) up to the number originally purchased.

    • A new voicemail greeting for a new employee's mailbox.

    • Opening an additional location.



Promise time for updates and initial delivery is 3 business days from request, if received by 6 pm PST.

Ensure you have the correct number of words selected before ordering. 

Files are delivered as a .wav via email or google drive.

David Owen Nelson Media does not install or upload greetings to your phone system.

IVR Phone System

  • A message is counted as a single file of up to 30 words. Files 31-60 words count as two (2) messages. Files 61-90 words count as three (3). Files will not exceed 90 words.

    Example: Thank you for calling David Owen Nelson Media. All of our associates are currently assisting other clients. Our website may have the answers you're looking for. To receive a call back leave your name, number, and let us know how we may assist you. (45 words, 2 messages, 1 file)


    URLs ending with their extention count as one (1) word. e.g. is one (1) word while is five (5) words.