Personal voicemail greeting up to 40 words. Additional words avaliable at additional charge.

Non-Commercial Use.  

Delivery time: 72 hours


Ensure you have the correct number of words selected before ordering. 

File is delivered as a .wav via email or google drive.

David Owen Nelson Media does not install or upload greetings to your phone.


Personal Voicemail greeting

  • This service is offered at a discounted rate, and is for personal use. Not for business use. (May be used for commission employees for personal mobile/cellular line.)

  • Hyphenated words are counted separetly except for words beginning with "non-" e.g. "non-compliant" = one word. However "matter-of-fact" = three words.

    Phone numbers are counted as one word per digit. e.g. 123-456-7890 = ten words